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16 10 Frances Burberry

Very Revd Frances Burberry

16 10 David de Pomerai

 Revd Dr David de Pomerai

Address: 40 Comely Bank, Edinburgh EH4 1AG             
Telephone (answerphone): 0131 315 3163
St Ninians Episcopal Church: Edinburgh, Scottish Charity SC023246


 Very Revd  Frances Burberry

Assistant Curate

 Revd Oliver Brewer-Lennon

Team Priest

 Revd Dr David de Pomerai

Lay Pastoral Assistant

 Pat Treherne

Organist and Director of Music


18 05 Revd Oliver Brewer-Lennon

Revd Oliver Brewer-Lennon

18 10 Pat Treherne

Pat Treherne

Enquiries about Baptisms, Weddings and other services should be directed to the Rector. Some other officers can be contacted by the email links on this page.  For all other enquiries contact the office as in the Administration panel above To report website problems please use the Contact Us link

The lay administration of the building, finances and other matters is the responsibility of the Vestry, with members elected by the congregation, and also various officials including a Secretary, Treasurer, Rector's Warden and Peoples' Warden.

Honorary Secretary

Katie McGlew


Andrew Coulton

Rector’s Warden

Jeanette Stevenson

Peoples' Warden

Ali Slack

Lay Representative

Elaine Jenkinson (represents the lay members of the church on the Diocesan Synod)

Alternate Lay Representative

Cherry Campbell

Ordinary members of the Vestry elected to serve for 3 years:

 Jon Baggs; Pat Treherne; Sheila Donaldson; Libby Morton; Ailsa Grant; James Lloyd

Child Protection Officer:  Libby Morton
Children’s Programme Acting Co-ordinator:  Libby Morton
Hall Lettings Manager:
Property Convener: Charles Morton

Webmaster:  David Treherne