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The Hazel Hall was officially opened on 15 January 2000. It was named after the then Treasurer and his wife who had done so much in ensuring that the project reached a successful conclusion.

The hall provides a wonderful facility not only for the Church but also for the local community.  At present it is used by a number of groups including Mothers and Toddlers and a Theatre Company, for various concerts and for fund raising events.

To enquire about using the hall please use this link and supply a contact telephone number or leave a message on our church telephone 0131 315 3163.
Please note that we have NOT authorised any third party either to advertise or to act in any way on our behalf  - you can only book directly with St Ninian’s.
You can download a PDF version of the Hall Letting Terms and Conditions HERE,
An Application for Hall Let form is available HERE

As from 1st September 2018 letting rates are as follows:
For current regular lets,
18 for the first hour, and 15 for each subsequent hour.
For one-off lets 25/hr.

For children's parties, we offer two options, 3hrs for 50 or 3 hrs for 60; in selecting one of these options  please allow adequate time to set-up your party and clear-up afterwards. In our experience, packing away and tidying up after a party often  takes  longer than expected - we recommend allowing up to an hour  especially if hiring equipment for entertainment or doing special  catering. A member of the hall lets team will come to open up the hall at the start of the let and return to lock up; we expect that both the hall and  kitchen to be clean and empty at the end of the let. Please note that  all party rubbish and recycling should be taken away at the end of the  let as the church has limited capacity in its bins.

St Ninian's is hoping to bring about a reduction in the quantity of single use  disposable items used at parties and events in the hall. The church has  therefore bought a party pack of reusable plastic plates, bowls and beakers in bright colours (42 of each).  These are ideal for children's parties and are kept in the kitchen for  anyone hiring the hall to use. If you wish to make a small donation (up  to 5), because of the saving you have made by not buying disposable  party items, you will find a donation box in the party pack container.  Please note we do ask that party pack items are washed, dried and put  away after use - all you need is in the kitchen.

To comply with Fire Regulations the maximum number of users is limited to 60.



May 2012

In these Conditions the following definitions apply:

Application: the application completed by or on behalf of the User for the letting of the Hall;

Booking Date: the date and time reserved by the User on completion of the Application Form;

Building: the building of which the Hall forms part;

Check List: the check list for Users, a copy of which is displayed in the Hall;

Church: St Ninian’s Scottish Episcopal Church (a registered charity with registered number SC023246), acting by the members of its vestry from time to time in their capacity as trustees;

Hall: St. Ninian's Hazel Hall and a Letting of the Hall shall include the use (if required) of the rear garden and the shared use of the kitchen and toilet facilities in the remainder of the Building;

Hall Lettings Manager: the person from time to time appointed by the Church to administer the lettings of the Hall;

Letting: any use of the Hall by the User on a Booking Date pursuant to a Letting Agreement;

Letting Agreement: an agreement for the letting of the Hall on a Booking Date or Booking Dates between the Church and the User constituted by the signing of the Application and its acceptance by or on behalf of the Church; and

User: the person signing the Application and includes any person or organisation on whose behalf the Application is made.

  1. Letting fees
    The Hall is available to let by the hour (minimum period of one hour) or half hourly increments thereafter. The Hall Lettings Manager will advise the User of the current hourly rate from time to time. The Church reserves the right to increase the hourly rate at its discretion. Where feasible the Church will give advance notice of any proposed increase and in considering any period of notice to be given will have due regard to the duration of the Letting Agreement

    Letting fees must be paid not less than 28 days in advance of the Booking Date or (in the case of repeat Booking Dates) at such other times as the Hall Lettings Manager may agree with the User. Payments are to be made by cheque made payable to St. Ninian's Church, Hall Account or by such other means as the Hall Lettings Manager may agree with the User.

    The Church reserves the right to require a new User to pay a non-refundable deposit representing 30% of the letting fee (rounded up to nearest multiple of 5) for any Letting at the time of submission of its Application to secure the Booking Date.
  2. Cancellations
    The User may cancel a Letting at any time but where cancellation occurs:
    more than 28 days in advance of the Booking Date, any deposit paid will be forfeited; or
    less than 28 days in advance of the Booking Date, the letting fee shall (if not already paid) be payable in full and (if already paid) will be forfeited.
    Any letting fee payable by the User must be paid within 7 days of the cancellation being notified to the Church.
  3. The Church reserves the right to cancel a Letting and need not give any reason for doing so, but shall give as much notice as possible in the circumstances. Any letting fee or deposit already paid in respect of such Letting shall be refunded in full.

  4. Refusal of Application
    The Church reserves the right not to accept an Application and need not give any reason for doing so.
  5. Insurance
    The User must carry adequate valid public liability and other insurance appropriate to the activity carried on by it within the Hall.
  6. Fire Regulations
    On no account should the maximum number of persons using the Hall exceed 60.

    In the event of fire (or other emergency) the fire brigade (or other emergency service) must be called immediately and the Hall Lettings Manager (or acting deputy) informed as soon as practicable thereafter.

    Fire exits (which are clearly marked) must be kept free of obstruction at all times.

    No highly inflammable materials are to be brought into the Hall.

    Smoking is prohibited anywhere within the building of which the Hall forms part.
  7. Protection of vulnerable groups
    Users are required to adhere to the Protection of Vulnerable Groups Policy of the Church. A copy of the Policy is displayed in the Hall.
  8. The User must ensure that no less than 2 adults are present whenever children (here meaning children under the age of 18) attend any event or activity organised by the User.

  9. Rights of entry and exclusive possession
    The Hall Lettings Manager, the Rector of the Church or any other person authorised by the Church has the right to enter the Hall at any time during a Letting.
  10. The User shall not have exclusive possession of the Hall and the Letting Agreement does not constitute any form of tenancy.

  11. No assignment
    The rights of the User under the Letting Agreement are personal to the User and are not capable of being assigned to any other person and the User is not permitted to allow any other person to use the Hall in the place of the User.
  12. Use of the kitchen
    The User shall be entitled to make use of the kitchen within the Hall subject to the following conditions:
    Children must not be permitted to have access to the kitchen;
    No food or drink may be left in the kitchen without the Hall Lettings Manager's prior agreement and then only in the place or places that the Hall Lettings Manager may designate for the purpose. Any items left in the fridge must be clearly labelled with the User's details. The Church accepts no liability for the misappropriation of any items left in the kitchen and the User accepts that it leaves items in the kitchen entirely at its own risk;
    The User is solely responsible (to the exclusion of the Church) for complying with applicable regulations concerning hygiene in the preparation, consumption, storage and (where relevant) sale of any food or drink that the User brings into the Hall; and
    The User must comply with any notices that may be displayed in the kitchen with regard to the use of any appliances that may from time to time be provided for use in the kitchen. The Church reserves the right to prohibit use of any such appliance whether for reasons of safety or otherwise and gives no assurance that any particular appliance will always be available for the use of the User.
  13. Emergency contact
    As there is no landline telephone available in the Hall, the User must ensure that there is a charged mobile telephone available at all times during a Letting.
  14. The Hall Lettings Manager will provide contact details for use during any Letting if there shall be any issue that requires immediate attention. If the Hall Lettings Manager is not available, the Rector of the Church, Frances Burberry, may be contacted . Please only use these contact details if absolutely necessary or in an emergency (having first notified the relevant emergency service).

  15. Alcohol
    No alcohol may be sold at the Hall save with the necessary licence, which it shall the responsibility of the User to obtain and the User shall in any event comply with all applicable legislation with regard to the sale of alcohol.
  16. Public performances and entertainment
    Public performances are permitted, but only with the consent of the Hall Lettings Manager.
  17. The User is responsible for obtaining and complying with any licences that may be required by law for any public performance or other activity carried on in the Hall and for complying with any regulations concerning health and safety in relation to any such public performance or other activity.

  18. Advertisements
    All publicity for events to be held in the Hall by the User must clearly display the name of the User and no advertisements may be displayed outside the Hall or the Church save with the prior consent of the Hall Lettings Manager and then only in such position and for such duration as the Hall Lettings Manager shall designate or agree.
  19. Nuisance
    Under no circumstances shall the User cause any disturbance or nuisance (whether by way of noise or otherwise) to the owners and/or occupiers of any adjoining properties or to other occupiers or users of the remainder of the Building.
  20. Alterations
    No alterations of any description may be carried out by the User to the Hall during the Letting. In particular, no nails, screws, bolts or other fixings may be driven into the any part of the Hall.
  21. Damage caused during the Letting
    The User shall be responsible (and pay) for all damage caused to the Hall, or to its fixtures, furniture and effects caused during the Letting.
    All damage and/or breakages must be reported to the Hall Lettings Manager as soon as possible after the same shall occur.
  22. Electrical equipment
    No electrical equipment (including lighting equipment) shall be brought into and used in the Hall that shall impose a loading capacity on the electrical installations within the Hall or the remainder of the Building in excess of that which they are designed to bear and it shall be the responsibility of the User to seek professional advice in this connection where appropriate.
  23. Indemnity
    The User shall indemnify and keep indemnified the Church against all costs, claims and liabilities arising from the use of the Hall during a Letting and/or a breach by the User of these Conditions.
  24. Termination
    The Church shall be entitled to terminate the Letting Agreement by written notice to such effect in the event that the User shall breach any term of these Conditions.
  25. Check List
    The User shall comply with the terms of the Check List during and at the end of each Letting.
  26. Exclusion of liability
    The Church accepts no liability for any injury to persons or damage to or loss of their property that may occur during any Letting
  27. Conditions may be up-dated
    The Church reserves the right to up-date these Conditions from time to time and the up-dated Conditions shall be deemed to be incorporated into the terms of any Letting Agreement with effect from the date on which the User shall be notified of them and shall apply to any Letting that occurs subsequent to such notification.
  28. May  2012

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