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Young Church

St Ninian’s values greatly the contribution that children, young people and their families make to the life of our community.

As well as Sunday School, we have Crèche provision for children under 3 in the Foyer where there are toys and books. Parent and carers are welcome to keep young children with them during the service, or at any time during the service to make their way to the Foyer where the service is relayed through speakers.

Our provision for children and young people in all our activities - e.g. Young Church, Ninian’s Nippers etc - can only happen thanks to a team of volunteers who give up some of their time to help in this way. If you’re interested in helping with any of our work with children and young people we’d love to hear from you - it need not be a huge commitment, maybe even just once a month or less, and you would always be working as a part of a team.


    St Ninian’s has adopted the following policy statement for Child Protection:

    “The Scottish Episcopal Church recognizes the special status of children and young people. Because of their vulnerability, children and young people will be awarded special protection. They are to be respected as a person in their own right, created and loved by God. We, therefore, commit ourselves to take all steps within our power to keep children and young people safe from physical, sexual and emotional harm.”

     St Ninian’s follows the guidelines of the Scottish Episcopal Church on safeguarding the welfare of young people and children and its procedures for good practice. Ministry to children and young people is a cherished and important part of the work of the Scottish Episcopal Church.